Posted: July 23, 2010 in Culture, Family
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It’s been a great vacation so far! After surviving the grueling 15 hour flight with two small kids and a jet lag kicked in by a 10 hour time difference, we actually adjusted pretty quickly. Right now, we’re sitting in a summer cabin by the Ii River just about an hour away from Oulu, where I was born. Check out the view from the pier:

The beauty of this place is awe-inspiring. There is so much green, so many trees and life everywhere. Everything about this place is different from Southern California. We’ve seen wild reindeers, hedgehogs, and more mosquitoes than we can handle. I have always hated being a mosquito magnet. The little devils find me no matter what I try, resulting in dozens of itchy bumps. I sincerely believe they’re the one creature God let Satan create… Here’s a few more cabin photos:

Miro in front of the cabin:

Miro & Grandpa Rowing:

My sister:

Grandma at the dishes:

It’s amazing to be at a place where everyday issues seem like a lifetime away. Today, we ended up building a rig for pulling the boat up on the shore, taking down a bunch of bushes from the riverfront, and building a swing set. Now we can sit on the swing and see the view on top of this blog from the shore. It is so amazing… Everybody is having a ball, especially little Tea below:

We had barely made it to the cabin when we brought out the old fishing rod, dug out a worm and hit the pier. At first we caught nothing, but after a quick breath of a prayer, “Lord, please let us catch one, for Miro’s sake.” we IMMEDIATELY got one, now in the below bucket. For all you animal lovers, we let it go after a couple of hours, takes more than one little fish to make a meal…

This pic of Miro pretty much sums up our whole family’s emotions. It is simply amazing to get to spend even a few days together after having lived 6,000 miles away from home for 12 years and counting. It reminds us of the price we are paying for following God, but He is so worth everything. We are so blessed to be here, but we are even more blessed to be able to live out the call He has for our lives. Among all men, I am most richly blessed…

  1. the brewers says:

    hey guys! petri, you are a great writer/communicator! i am also a mosquito magnet…buddy always calls me filet mignon to them…and we just went on a mini vacation this weekend and i’ve got the red bumps to prove it. loved seeing your family…esp your sis! your mom doing the dishes is a good one, too 🙂 your 4 hambugers are sending up love to the north…b, k, j & g

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