Posted: July 31, 2010 in Culture, Family, God
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Our first trip to visit family in Finland has gone great. We’re now right about in the middle of the second half, visiting the in-laws in Lappeenranta. They have a cabin by the lake, so we’ve simply moved from the riverbank up north to the lakeside down in the southeast. Here’s a pic:

Once again, we’re completely in awe of the beauty of this place. Everything we see makes me think of how much more beautiful the Creator must be compared to His creation. It fills me with wonder and takes me to a really healthy place. Here’s a sunset from the pier to prove the point:

The lake is a part of the biggest system in Finland called Saimaa. There are thousands of lakes in Finland, and there are thousands and thousands of summer cabins by them. Finns truly know how to make the most out of the short summer months. As we got to the south, we got hit by a heat wave. After being used to nice, mild temperatures here compared to the summer months in Los Angeles, we actually hit an all-time heat record of 98 degrees just a few days ago… Just our luck! For all you global warming people, they also had the coldest winter in decades, so I guess it all evens out somehow. The heat wave was finally ended by Asta, a serious thunderstorm front that left 20,000 households without electricity. They said in the news that it’ll take over a week to restore it, so please pray for the farms losing their livelihood through lost milk and other commodities they have to scrap.

More important than seeing the beauty of this place is the  time spent with my wife’s parents. We get to see them just a few weeks per year at the most, 6,000 miles will do that to you. It is awesome to see Miro enjoy his grandpa, the quad and the boat:

Same goes for the ladies. Here’s grandma and little Tea:

We took a 45-minute-each-way to the local harbor to get some infamous Finnish ice cream, which is simply the best in the world…

We still have a few days of vacation left, and we will keep laying low, enjoying each other and the rest of the family before we hit the ground running back home in Southern California. It is so healthy to experience this different culture that we’re from every now and then. Some of the changes are scary, some wonderful, and some things simply stay the same. All in all, it is a beautiful place, and the people are beautiful. It is so free to learn to love them like God loves them, what a blessing to enjoy it all! Here’s a couple of more pics just for the fun of it:

She just can’t get enough tomatoes:

Learning to swim:


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