Posted: August 20, 2010 in Guitar gear, Songwriting
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Woo-hoo, finally! One of the topics I promised to talk about in this blog is guitars & gear, and here we go! Last week was a happy time in this worship leader’s life. After months of frugal saving and blessings from God, I drove to West LA Music and bought a Taylor 614ce acoustic guitar. After all the years, I finally got a tried and true pro-quality tool to lead acoustic worship with. Granted, I am a rocker and I love to crank up in worship with my Fender Strats, but I love toning down the set at the right time by grabbing my new baby and strumming with percussion, creating a more intimate vibe for people to come into God’s presence with. Here’s the new baby:

Through all the years, I have made do with Washburns that did the job, but it is amazing how this Taylor plays. I’ve started recording with it and quickly came to the conclusion that I need to replace old acoustic parts with new ones! The guitar has a personality and a very sweet tone, and this particular one cuts through well in the mix, too. Taylors are pretty much the choice for worship leaders, I rarely see them play other guitars. For me the choice was based not on popularity, but checking out different acoustics and finding the one that fit. I hunted until I found an acoustic that felt as comfortable as my Strats and had a tone and quality that I can keep for the rest of my life. I found it…

As always with new gear, I get inspired by it. During the hunt for the right model, I ended up writing a song called “This Freedom Song” (demo in the works) with my friend’s 514ce. It’s all finger picked, which is a new trick for me. The new guitar just got a tune up at David Neely‘s shop in Hollywood, and it rings like a bell! He’s a serious guitar guy that serves some of the best musicians on the planet, and even he was happy about the results. I got the guitar back just in time to lead worship at Celebrate Recovery tonight, can’t wait to crank it up there!


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