I get really annoyed when a pastor of a 50-member church
(according to his own statement) declares they will burn Korans on the anniversary of 9/11. It is wrong on so many levels that I don’t even know where to begin!

First, all this is going to accomplish is a backlash at the church in America and the US in general. The radical Muslims are poised to take any isolated incident and use it to advance their agenda. This will only increase the anger in the Muslim world. In America, this will only feed the flames of secularism, and many will lump all Christians in the same pile with this church that represents about 0.0000… 00001 percent of believers in the States. All this is obviously wrong and keeps happening, but as much as we are called to stand up for Truth, we are also called to love and not hate, and all this amounts to is a pure expression of hatred. I hope that those who do not believe in Jesus will understand that this does not represent either Him or His church, and I personally renounce what this church is doing. I would never want to be a part of anything like this, and I thank God that His true church is growing in its love of Him and all people. I am so pumped about what God is doing in our world today!

Second, who is going to be won over to Christ by this? Or, would it be more appropriate to ask who will use it to keep feeding their denial of Jesus? I love what the apostle Paul wrote about becoming all things to all men, so that by any means some would be saved. It’s not that we should embrace Muslim beliefs, but we definitely should look at the consequences of our actions. There is nothing good that will result from this. It will only endanger our soldiers, raise the negative ideas Americans have about the church and make it more difficult for believers to influence our friends and family for Christ. The only way to reach the world is by loving and serving. Who does this church serve by burning the Korans?

To burn books brings up images of the Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany, where the Nazis burned the sacred texts of the Jews, and no pastor should ever use it to make any public or private statements, it’s just stupid. I pray that pastor Terry Jones will understand the absolute error of his ways and replace the event with something that will bring glory to God, not just publicity to his church.

  1. Petri Nauha says:

    …And he cancelled the book burning. It’s interesting that he said God had told him to burn the Koran, but now he is going to New York with the imam to negotiate the Muslim center issue. Let’s see what happens next in this saga, it blows my mind that this pastor comes out of nowhere and ends up in the middle of an international issue. How do you think our leaders feel right now? I would be shaking in my pants if I were them, who knows what this pastor comes up with next!

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