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On this one I wanted to blog about secular music that has elements of worship in it. Don’t get me wrong, I think all music and art worships something, that part of us is the very place where we connect with the supernatural, but generally speaking worldly music worships the very wrong things. I once heard pastor Jack Hayford quoted as saying, “There is no Christian or secular music, there’s only music of light and of darkness.” I think it’s a great comment and certainly a conversation starter, possibly a heated one at it, too! Here’s a couple of examples of secular music that for some reason draw me closer to God…

An example of a song with something divine in it is “Fix You” by Coldplay. When I hear it, the organ just gets me, and as Chris Martin sings the lyric, I sense a longing in my heart that in my saved state makes me reach towards God. That’s an interesting point on its own. What does an unsaved person reach for and what does he or she get out of the song? Judging by the live version that came out on their free live album a few months ago, people did get something great out of it, as they drowned out the band in concert while belting it out!

To me a secular song with a worshipful element might invoke God’s beauty, grace or other element that moves me towards Him. Band in question: Sigur Rós. I heard them for the first time a couple of years ago, then their album “Takk” came out, and it blew me away. How was it possible that a little band from Iceland could write songs with such beauty and in Icelandic (or Hopelandic, their own invented language)? Maybe it helped me to experience God through their music, as lyrics couldn’t get in the way of sensing Him through the songs. Even though the band is very secular, which is evident in their videos, comments and lifestyle choices, their music captures something divine. It’s undeniable to me.

We are all familiar with U2 and the worshipfulness of some of their songs. “Walk On” from their live DVD ended with Hallelujah-choruses, so it’s hard not to make the connection, and Bono quoting Psalm 40 in concert brought tears to my eyes. Is it possible that God uses these things to reach people to Himself? Absolutely. He is never limited to the boxes we put him into. Still, we can’t assume that He’s everywhere and in everything, that’s obvious. I do believe that He still expresses Himself through more ways than we think. See, you recognize a believer by the fruit in his life, but you can definitely recognize God in more than just inside the walls of the Christian music industry…

As we embrace the artist within us, we are getting in touch with our Creator, whether we acknowledge Him or not. When we start using our talents He has given us, the same happens. It blows my mind that God is so loving. Despite our decision to reject Him, He still allows us to reach into the gifts and talents He has given us and use them however we want to. I, for one, will continue to keep my ears open to finding Him in the most unexpected places!

  1. kjb says:

    Very well put. I’ve always felt what you’ve been describing in your latest blog.
    Thank you for sharing those sentiments!

    all the best,

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