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I hate Daylight Savings Time with a passion. The problem is simple: Nobody remembered to tell our kids to sleep an extra hour last Saturday night, so our 2-year-old girl, Tea, got up at 5AM. I mean 4AM in the new time! This was the night after my birthday and before a major worship celebration at church, and we had an early morning rehearsal with two back-to-back services without much of a break. This morning (Monday) she was gracious enough to get up at 5AM… What did you say? Put her to bed later? Did it, but as usual, it has absolutely no effect on the time she gets up. She wakes up like a clock, and she doesn’t follow this Daylight Savings Time stuff. Now, despite “getting” an extra hour of sleep, I’m more tired than in ages due to this stupid clock switch!

I am angry at the guys who came up with this, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and checked “Daylight Savings Time” on Wikipedia. Turns out that the result of this ordeal is totally unclear. Tons of studies have been done, and results are all over the place. It saves lives, it causes more accidents, it does this, it does that… Seems like every study had different results. I’d like to add my own, very practical results to this mess. Daylight Savings Time STINKS! In the spring, we lose an hour of much needed sleep and end up groggy and mean for at least a week. The older you get, the longer the period, and the longer the anger. In the fall, we “get” an extra hour of sleep. Not so. My empirical evidence clearly points out that at least two groups are left outside of the equasion: Kids and cows. I already explained the kids, cows are pure hearsay in this blog, but I’ve heard that their udders are close to exploding every fall, as the friendly Mr. Farmer is getting some well-deserved extra rest (Trust me, I know this. My uncle & cousin are farmers, and those guys work the longest hours I’ve seen anybody ever do!)

Coming from Finland, they do switch their clocks, but I can’t for the life of me understand why, except to feel accepted by all other countries that do the same. What’s the difference? In my hometown, come January, the sun will rise at 9:30 and go down at 1:30. So how would moving the clocks give you “extra time after school or work,” as they like to claim? You go in, it’s dark. You get out, IT’S DARK AGAIN! In the summer it never gets dark, so once again it’s useless! To me, the only sensible solution is to reneg our deal with the Sun and the Earth. How about they start working together to provide everyone with equal amounts of daylight?

So say what you want about DST, but I hereby announce my complete opposition to this stupidity. Since God created the Universe and gave us the length of days and nights, let’s just settle in and enjoy the ride. This, in my opinion, is what you get for going against His will! All it causes in our home is more loss of sleep, and we’ve already lost enough, thank you very much!

  1. Karen Miller says:

    Amen Brother! I think it stinks too!! I was not a happy camper yesterday!

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