Almost a month without a blog, dang. That tells you how busy this season can get. Even though we’re busy just surviving with the kids, somehow God has been able to move us towards embracing Christmas and its true meaning, and I am so glad. I believe it’s got everything to do with what’s going on in our church and with our kids. You can’t help but be moved towards Jesus and the spirit of Christmas when this kind of stuff is going on!

Miro saw the dentist, who found two cavities. I was not prepared for the shock, it felt horrible to hear that after all the brushing we couldn’t prevent it. The dentist was awesome and I was there, but Miro was really scared and cried through the whole 15-minute affair. Afterward, he got the eye-patch from the dentist and this pool table from daddy for bravery.

At the soccer season closing party, Miro was awarded as “The Most Likely To Save The Day.” Why, you ask? Because instead of running after the ball like the rest of the boys, he opted to shoot it with his laser and play different superheroes during the games… Daddy was so proud!  😀

Miro the Superhero gets his trophy at the end of soccer season...

Our dog Dora smelled something good on the table. She found her way up, but only to get really confused.

Nothing brings Christmas home like the church on Sundays.Tea got close to the Christmas tree there:

The Crescenta Valley Community Church is having a Live Nativity scene on every day this week. They started right after the services, and Miro is a shepherd. Once again, daddy is way proud, though not totally sure if he’s that into it.

They also have live animals, the sheep are at the top of the blog, and Tea met the 30-year-old donkey.

And last but not least, we jumped in the car and drove to the Americana in Glendale. They have the tallest Christmas tree in America, and they actually shoot the words “Merry Christmas” on their tower for all to see. I’m so glad they’re not going politically correct like so many during Christmas!

They were also going to have snow (as much as a single cannon can shoot out in California weather), but the rain proved to be more powerful, so it got cancelled. Little did I care, ’cause we just decided to visit Santa! It’s weird, but after 12 years in Southern California, I’ve started equating rain with Christmas. So here’s our unofficial Christmas photo:


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