Jesus Christ

Image by SheilaTostes via Flickr

The Christmas and New Year season is my favorite time of year for a simple reason, it’s a new beginning. It’s impossible for me to celebrate the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ, and the beginning of a brand-new year without being filled with hope. All the toil and hardship of 2010 has passed away (as well as some great blessings!), and the promise of 2011 is has arrived.

Our celebration was different from previous years, where hard work kept me from embracing its meaning to the fullest. Even though I worked plenty last year, God helped me focus on the true meaning of His Son’s birth, and I enjoyed it tremendously. I read the Christmas story from Matthew & Luke over and over every morning, and God showed me how supernatural it was. The angel spoke, the virgin gave birth, the star led the shepherds & wise men to the stable… Every single detail is impossible for man, but everything was and is possible for God and with God. This is the single revelation I got this season, and I’m so grateful for it. We worship a supernatural God, who still chose to come and give us life instead of creating us and leaving us hanging like some would like to suggest.

This is exactly why I’m filled with hope for 2011. The same God who brought about all the supernatural events of Christmas is in charge of my life to the extent that I let Him be. His plans for me are perfect (just check Jeremiah 29:11), and as I am able to learn to chase Him instead of my plans, He will do amazing things to lead me and my family in His perfect will. This makes me excited, and instead of rushing after the latest and the greatest, I pray that I will rush into His Word to find out who He really is. The rest will fall into place. I love the verse “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” (Prov. 16:9, NLT) As I make my plans for 2011 and beyond, I will first give them to God and see what sticks. Imagine all the hassle I save when I don’t have to worry about half of what I was going to do?  😀

Happy 2011! May God show you His way and His favor this new year.


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