Posted: October 31, 2011 in Culture, God

Concert Rehearsal

I am absolutely blessed to be a part of our upcoming benefit concert for needy families,  LIFT, on Sunday, November 13th at 6PM at the church (check it out at Everyone knows that this economy has hurt people, but we often forget that some of those people live right here in our own neighborhoods. It’s great to work on this concert, where our team cranks up a bunch of awesome songs from John Mayer, Coldplay, Seal, Stevie Wonder (in a Stevie Ray Vaughan way!), The Script, and many others. More important than the music are the people coming to the concert. They will also bring canned foods and toiletry items for a local charity, Sue’s Garden, which helps families who have been hit by the hard times right in our own neighborhood. Our goal is to collect 2 TONS of food!

It’s awesome to put on a concert like LIFT right before Thanksgiving for two reasons. First, we all get to do good and help the less fortunate by giving of our blessings. Second, I’m really exited about having local families, who don’t necessarily know God, come to church and do good with us. Someone commented that it’s great, because by participating they are actually doing something God created us to do!

In addition to all that, we’re meeting those people where they are at by not playing any worship, but just great music. LIFT will be AWESOME! You can join us by stocking up on canned foods & toiletries and coming by on Sunday, Nov. 13th, see you there! Here are some useful links with more info:

Crescenta Valley Community Church

LIFT on Facebook


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