BRING IT ON, 2012!

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Culture, Everything else, God
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English: Times Square, New Year's Eve, Decembe...

It’s funny. For years and years people have welcomed the new year with hope and expectation. Parties have been set up all over the world, and eyes have been glued to televisions here in America as people have tuned in to watch that ball drop in New York. “Auld Lang Syne” has been sung in countless bars and public squares with strangers kissing each other, trading smiles and hugs.

Not so much this time around. Even though Times Square was filled to the brim, many are feeling fearful. For some reason, the ending of ancient Mayan calendars has stigmatized 2012 with doomsday stories all over the place, and probably based on the Mayans simply running out of ink or getting tired of writing! Just kidding, maybe there are more profound theories behind it, but seriously, I do think that there have been major changes in how people approach the coming of a new year. We don’t seem to celebrate as much as we worry about what the year will bring. So much around us has become challenging, just look at the economy, politics and all the strife going on in the world.

There’s great news: With God, the new year is filled with excitement, hope and joy! See, with Him, life is no longer defined and controlled by circumstances or actions of others or results. It is defined by the relationship with the one who made us and loves us! His plans for us are good, and He has promised to use even the most difficult circumstances for our good. If we are able to grasp this, the new year can become incredible! I pray that you’ll find your way closer to Him, He’s waiting to set you free for the adventure of a lifetime!


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