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The Promised Land (image by Wikipedia)

God is talking to me about reaching the promised land during my morning devotions on YouVersion. I am really stirred by God-given dreams and the courage it takes to pursue them while battling the giants that are trying to prevent you from reaching them! The story of the Israelites in the wilderness really speaks to me, and if you have a God-sized dream and haven’t read the book The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkerson, it’s time you do it!

This morning I was reading Numbers 32:17, where some of the Israelites promised to fight and help the others get to the promised land:

“Then we will arm ourselves and lead our fellow Israelites into battle until we have brought them safely to their land. ”

As you faithfully chase your God-given dreams, the day will come when you will enter the land God has promised you! Entering it requires preparation, and nobody can do it alone. In fact, one of the ways to recognize the right path is that you have the support of key people that mysteriously keep having your back, no matter how crazy you dream might seem! These people stick around, and sometimes God will prune that bunch, because only He knows what lies ahead. It is painful, but He is testing our faith and providing exactly what we need to reach the promised land! These people can be believers and non-believers, I have been blessed with both in an incredible way. Preparing to release new worship songs by Waiting For Daybreak, God has brought along my brilliant co-producer Kirke, mixer Brian, and mastering engineer Dale. Working with them is incredible, and it seems that despite whatever curve balls I might throw at them, their support never wavers. It is a God thing, and the promised land lies ahead. So does yours!

  1. Thank you, for posting. It’s both thought provoking and moving. 🙂 Again, thank you.

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