Brian Scheuble working.

Brian Scheuble working. (Photo credit: Carlos Canteri)

Hi all! The first single by Waiting For Daybreak, “God of Heaven”, is almost done and will soon be available on iTunes! We will post the song story, lyrics and lead sheet as the time comes. We are very excited, as the song is sounding amazing after mixing by Brian Scheuble. He’s a dear friend, who has worked with some amazing people from Dave Matthews Band to Fiona Apple. You can check him out at

More coming soon, blessings!

  1. God bless every step, great stuff.

    • Petri Nauha says:

      Hi! Thanks so much, we’re so blessed to be on this journey and see God move. Your book sounds interesting, stay the course and stick with your God-sized dream! Blessings!

  2. Congratulations and may God bless your endeavor!
    Say, could you hum us a few bars while we’re waiting? (wink) 🙂

  3. Petri Nauha says:

    Haha, thanks! Here’s a teaser:

    God of heaven, God above
    God of mercy, God of love
    God of everything we see
    God of all that is unseen…

    More later!


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