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"You're My Everything" - New Worship Single

The new worship single is out now!

Hi! I’m so glad to announce that the new worship single, “You’re My Everything,” is out NOW on iTunes and Amazon! The song is a very intimate declaration of the closeness of Christ in our lives, just as the lyric says, “It’s the words you speak, it’s the life you bring, when I let you in…”

Jump over to iTunes to rate, review and download “You’re My Everything” by clicking the single cover or the button below. It would be great to hear your thoughts on the song! You can also give the full track a spin at – head on over to worship with us!

You're My Everything - Single - Waiting for Daybreak


“You’re My Everything” is an intimate song about the closeness of God.


The new Waiting For Daybreak single, “You’re My Everything” was mixed and mastered and is on its way to iTunes right now! As with “God of Heaven,” the song will be released digitally at iTunes and elsewhere for the awesome price of $.99, make sure you get your copy and worship with us!

To tide you over to the song’s release, here are the lyrics:

You’re My Everything

It’s the words You speak; it’s the life You bring
When I let You in
It’s the hope You give; it’s the love I live
When You come within

You’re my everything; You’re the song I sing
You’re the one I give my life to now
You’re the King of Kings, Lord of all things
I bow down before you now

It’s the way You breathe the whisper in my ear
And I know you are near
It’s the way You move across my brokenness
And take away the fear

You’re everything, You’re everything

(c) WaterWalk Music / Petri Nauha
CCLI Song #5704970

Blessings and stay tuned!


God of Heaven - Single

New Waiting For Daybreak Single, “God of Heaven”

It’s time to share the lyrics to “God of Heaven!” Writing the song was special, as I had almost the whole song down, but I struggled with the second verse. During a week in Palm Springs on family vacation, my wife Karo helped me with some awesome lines, and it turned out to be the first song we wrote together. I will be bugging her for more, she is really talented and awesome!

Give the song a spin on the web site at while you have the lyrics up, worship along and see what God does. If you’d like, you can go to iTunes to rate, review and download it for your collection, just click here:

God of Heaven - Single - Waiting for Daybreak

God of Heaven

God of heaven, God above, God of mercy, God of love
God of everything we see, God of all that is unseen
God of all the Universe, God of every living thing
God in all our suffering, God of all the joy You bring

We bow down, we lift up Your glorious name
May our hearts go along as we sing Your praise
There is no-one like You in the whole universe
God of heaven, reign, God of heaven, reign

God of all that’s beautiful, God of everything that’s true
God of all eternity, God behind the mystery
God of future, God of past, You are the first, You are the last
God of justice, God of truth, God of grace, we welcome you


Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, Jesus, reign (repeat)


© 2012 Waiting For Daybreak / Petri Nauha

We are pleased to announce the brand-new Waiting For Daybreak web site at! Thanks to all of you that have already stopped by to listen to the first single, “God of Heaven.” It’s been awesome to hear your comments, we’re so pleased that you like the song! If you haven’t heard the song yet, click on the image or link to come and spin it and to see all that is new and exciting in the world of WFD, see you there!

God of Heaven - Single

We are beyond excited, as “God of Heaven” is now available on iTunes! Just click on the link below to give it a spin. Once the new window opens, click on “View in iTunes” to rate it and take a quick moment to write a review. We would love to hear what you think!

God of Heaven - Single - Waiting for Daybreak

We are also proud to present our brand new web site! Come by to to see the latest, there is a lot going on, like a player with “God of Heaven”, photos, news and song charts for all you worship leaders. Just download the PDF and start playing!



Beautiful background vocals to “You’re My Everything” by the beautiful wife! It’s exciting to hear the new songs coming along incredibly well. The first single by Waiting For Daybreak, “God of Heaven”, is being mixed by Brian Scheuble right now, and more tracks are on their way there. We will start releasing songs on iTunes and other digital outlets soon!

Chris Martin of Coldplay playing piano at a co...

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On this one I wanted to blog about secular music that has elements of worship in it. Don’t get me wrong, I think all music and art worships something, that part of us is the very place where we connect with the supernatural, but generally speaking worldly music worships the very wrong things. I once heard pastor Jack Hayford quoted as saying, “There is no Christian or secular music, there’s only music of light and of darkness.” I think it’s a great comment and certainly a conversation starter, possibly a heated one at it, too! Here’s a couple of examples of secular music that for some reason draw me closer to God…

An example of a song with something divine in it is “Fix You” by Coldplay. When I hear it, the organ just gets me, and as Chris Martin sings the lyric, I sense a longing in my heart that in my saved state makes me reach towards God. That’s an interesting point on its own. What does an unsaved person reach for and what does he or she get out of the song? Judging by the live version that came out on their free live album a few months ago, people did get something great out of it, as they drowned out the band in concert while belting it out!

To me a secular song with a worshipful element might invoke God’s beauty, grace or other element that moves me towards Him. Band in question: Sigur Rós. I heard them for the first time a couple of years ago, then their album “Takk” came out, and it blew me away. How was it possible that a little band from Iceland could write songs with such beauty and in Icelandic (or Hopelandic, their own invented language)? Maybe it helped me to experience God through their music, as lyrics couldn’t get in the way of sensing Him through the songs. Even though the band is very secular, which is evident in their videos, comments and lifestyle choices, their music captures something divine. It’s undeniable to me.

We are all familiar with U2 and the worshipfulness of some of their songs. “Walk On” from their live DVD ended with Hallelujah-choruses, so it’s hard not to make the connection, and Bono quoting Psalm 40 in concert brought tears to my eyes. Is it possible that God uses these things to reach people to Himself? Absolutely. He is never limited to the boxes we put him into. Still, we can’t assume that He’s everywhere and in everything, that’s obvious. I do believe that He still expresses Himself through more ways than we think. See, you recognize a believer by the fruit in his life, but you can definitely recognize God in more than just inside the walls of the Christian music industry…

As we embrace the artist within us, we are getting in touch with our Creator, whether we acknowledge Him or not. When we start using our talents He has given us, the same happens. It blows my mind that God is so loving. Despite our decision to reject Him, He still allows us to reach into the gifts and talents He has given us and use them however we want to. I, for one, will continue to keep my ears open to finding Him in the most unexpected places!