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"You're My Everything" - New Worship Single

The new worship single is out now!

Hi! I’m so glad to announce that the new worship single, “You’re My Everything,” is out NOW on iTunes and Amazon! The song is a very intimate declaration of the closeness of Christ in our lives, just as the lyric says, “It’s the words you speak, it’s the life you bring, when I let you in…”

Jump over to iTunes to rate, review and download “You’re My Everything” by clicking the single cover or the button below. It would be great to hear your thoughts on the song! You can also give the full track a spin at – head on over to worship with us!

You're My Everything - Single - Waiting for Daybreak


Our first single, “God of Heaven” has gotten a great response, thanks for all the kind comments and 5 stars on iTunes! We are really blessed by the song, give it a spin right here and let us know your thoughts!

Buy God of Heaven on iTunes

God of Heaven - Single

New Waiting For Daybreak Single, “God of Heaven”

It’s time to share the lyrics to “God of Heaven!” Writing the song was special, as I had almost the whole song down, but I struggled with the second verse. During a week in Palm Springs on family vacation, my wife Karo helped me with some awesome lines, and it turned out to be the first song we wrote together. I will be bugging her for more, she is really talented and awesome!

Give the song a spin on the web site at while you have the lyrics up, worship along and see what God does. If you’d like, you can go to iTunes to rate, review and download it for your collection, just click here:

God of Heaven - Single - Waiting for Daybreak

God of Heaven

God of heaven, God above, God of mercy, God of love
God of everything we see, God of all that is unseen
God of all the Universe, God of every living thing
God in all our suffering, God of all the joy You bring

We bow down, we lift up Your glorious name
May our hearts go along as we sing Your praise
There is no-one like You in the whole universe
God of heaven, reign, God of heaven, reign

God of all that’s beautiful, God of everything that’s true
God of all eternity, God behind the mystery
God of future, God of past, You are the first, You are the last
God of justice, God of truth, God of grace, we welcome you


Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, Jesus, reign (repeat)


Β© 2012 Waiting For Daybreak / Petri Nauha

God of Heaven - Single

We are beyond excited, as “God of Heaven” is now available on iTunes! Just click on the link below to give it a spin. Once the new window opens, click on “View in iTunes” to rate it and take a quick moment to write a review. We would love to hear what you think!

God of Heaven - Single - Waiting for Daybreak

We are also proud to present our brand new web site! Come by to to see the latest, there is a lot going on, like a player with “God of Heaven”, photos, news and song charts for all you worship leaders. Just download the PDF and start playing!


Brian Scheuble working.

Brian Scheuble working. (Photo credit: Carlos Canteri)

Hi all! The first single by Waiting For Daybreak, “God of Heaven”, is almost done and will soon be available on iTunes! We will post the song story, lyrics and lead sheet as the time comes. We are very excited, as the song is sounding amazing after mixing by Brian Scheuble. He’s a dear friend, who has worked with some amazing people from Dave Matthews Band to Fiona Apple. You can check him out at

More coming soon, blessings!


Beautiful background vocals to “You’re My Everything” by the beautiful wife! It’s exciting to hear the new songs coming along incredibly well. The first single by Waiting For Daybreak, “God of Heaven”, is being mixed by Brian Scheuble right now, and more tracks are on their way there. We will start releasing songs on iTunes and other digital outlets soon!

Riffing it up

It’s just an absolute joy to keep working on a new worship CD. The awesome thing is that God is pouring more and more songs each day, there are now about a dozen songs in different stages of writing and arranging for the next CD! I can’t wait to share these songs, many of them are being used at our church and have brought people closer to Jesus, I’m so pumped!

We are moving forward in batches of three songs, the first batch has the songs “Let Freedom Reign”, “God of Heaven” and “You’re My Everything.” They each have a very distinct and different personality, which makes it a lot of fun to record them. I wanted to share my excitement through some photos, so here goes. After getting awesome live drum tracks from Kirke tracked at his studio and tracking bass at home, I brought the gear to church to record electric guitars. The two first songs were tracked there, thanks for the support, guys!

Electric setup at CVCC

After doing this a few times on my own – carrying gear, engineering, playing and recording, I was ready to pray for some HELP! Two days after praying, I met Mike & Linda Claxton at the local St. Arbucks, and lo and behold, they opened the doors of their studio 3 minutes from my door! God is true, my friends!

With Mike Claxton at the studio

Aside of being so kind and a blessing, Mike and Linda are two hilarious Brits with an incredible and quirky sense of humor. Mike has already hooked me up watching Fawlty Towers (with John Cleese) and eating a British dessert, whose name shall be left on a need to know basis. Ask me for it if you dare! Here’s something sad but true from the studio:

Sign of the Times

It has been fun to play rhythm parts, leads, eBow (Thanks, Kevin!) and slide on these songs, they are musically really cool with lots of detail and finesse…

Tracking Electrics at Mike's Studio

Up next, preparing all the guitar recordings, then jumping to Kirke’s studio to track acoustic guitars, vocals and background vocals. Then it’s time for mixing and preparing a release! We will put out the first three songs, then keep recording and releasing more until a whole CD’s worth is done. Stay tuned!